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Voted Scariest Haunted Attraction in NC by visitors.

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Mandi visited 10/19/13

Best Haunt I have ever been to!!! It was great!

Megan visited 10/19/12

My favorite part was dancing with the clowns!

Emily visited 10/19/12

Creepy creepy creepy and Fun

Joanna visited 10/13/12

Tremendously Scary 

John visited 10/13/16

The best haunt I have ever been to-we will be back!

Paul F visited 10/12/12

We drove 2 1/2 hrs to try a new haunt and it was so worth it. Keep up the good work!!!

Paige visited 10/5/16

I really enjoyed the Thrills, Apple Cider, and Surprises. Loved the Psychadelic Tunnel

Frank P from Universal Studios Ca visited 10/5/12

This is one of the Good Ones and I should know!

Sandy D visited 10/6/12

Hubby surprised me with a trip out here and Y'all were fantastic ! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! We will be back!

JD visited 10/6/12

Great job guys, Ive seen many haunts and you are at the top of the list!!! You scared me and that is tough to do!

Emily visited 10/6/12

You all have done a wonderful job on this haunt, the Rock Maze especially was great fun for me, my daughter and her boyfriend. The cozy waiting area and all the other special touches made this a truly wonderful experience ! Thank You!

Petra visited 10/5/16

Its Scary! 

Posted to Facebook Sept 2012:
Larry King Jr. visited 2011

Anyone who wants a good Haunt to visit in the month of October, CAMP FEAR is the place. Last year went with some family and friends and it took nearly an hour to get thru this Haunt. Some Haunts like to take your money and rush you thru in 20 or 30 minutes and then your left feeling disappointed, that won't happen at Camp Fear you get your moneys worth. Driving to the place is great as well, beautiful countryside. Sort of has the feel like your driving to Camp Crystal Lake in the Friday the 13th films. And yeah you will run into Jason out at the Camp. You may even go thru a cabin or two and see a few of his victims LOL. Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface(best Leatherface of any haunt i have ever been to) are all there, as well as some local legends such as "Daniel" One of the Best Haunts in North and South Carolina. Give this place a Try. Enjoy the Hayride(especially when the Moon lights up the field u ride thru, creepy as hell).

"Very excellent and Scary! Kept me Running"

Austin visited 2011

"It was great! So much Fun"

Carolyn B. visited 2011

"The guys in the rock maze were great! Everyone made it fun. The Snake was awesome"

Joy H. visited 2011

"It was awesome I about peed my pants!"

Hannah  visited 2010

"It was wonderful, worth every penny!"

Heather&Gavin visited 2008

You guys are amazing! Even though I had seen the trail before you still got me! 12 out of 10!!

Tiff Visited 2008

"This was the best trail ever! "

Joshua Visited 2008

"Loved it! even better than last year!"

Bob G visited 2008

"I cried and peed my pants screaming and laughing"

Jenn visited 2008

"I have been through Camp Fear twice, once in 2005 and once in 2006, I really liked the upgrades you made last year, the Tunnel was a very nice touch and where did you find such a great Leatherface!!!, man he was scary as hell, my wife peed her pants... lol  (no joke)"


"10 out of 10! OMG we were scared! The whole thing was cool and we will be back again next year!" MLR "Laughed and Screamed the whole way through! "



"10 out of 10! We were absolutely terrified!" Tracie "It was great fun, special thanks to the little guy at the end who showed us the way to safety and Hot Chocolate! "


"I'm still scared!!!!"


"The chainsaws and casket room scared me alot! We will be back next year"


"Good Job! Chainsaws and Daniel scared me! "


"My girlfriend peed her pants!"


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